Stainless steel products


We are a small family company acting from 1990. Average, we employ 40 people. We are well prepared to make metal processing and welding, our workshop is nicely equiped. In the last time, we have created designing office, which enable us to doing modern realisations from idea, through project to final. Investing in new technologies gives us high possibilities to very detailed metal processing, cutting, bending. Our management is innovative and lets us goals that are demanding good standards. We cooperate with many different companies supplying them with details as well, as full technological lines. High quality of our job, successful realisation and good pricing let our company have an opinion of good, reliable partner.

Quick contact

Elas-Pol S.C. Danuta i Jerzy Elas
ul. Raduńska 40b
83-331 Niestępowo
Biuro - 58 685 76 17
Sebastian Elas - 506 067 526